Zenday Journey

Zenday Sound Journey Zenday Sound Journey

Zenday Sound Journey

ZENDAY is a one-hour journey into sound, vibration, and healing wrapped in a unique energy of love. True relaxation of the mind and body creates peace for the soul. My intention is to create a safe space for those attending to let down their daily mental guard, relax the body and let go of the "stuff" that tends to keep us in discomfort. Vibration is the language our bodies speak, and I, with the guidance of spirit, will bathe you in layers of this divine element to lift you into a more peaceful space.

Sound Healing is a therapy...

that uses music and sound to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. It involves a trained practitioner who creates different healing sounds, music, and uses sound healing instruments to awaken all layers of our luminous energy field body, mind, soul, spirit. It is a form of meditation, letting go of your body, mind and surroundings long enough to release resistance and welcome in higher vibrations of peace and calm.

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Sarah Krippner

Monthly classes at our main location off the Marietta Square.

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We are also available for private classes for your group here or at your location.

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We can bring ZENDAY to you as a private event, Employee Appreciation Day, or your next ladies night in.

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**Currently booking in greater Atlanta area. Some cities in North GA and Florida are available upon request. Out of area rates apply.

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What my happy clients have to say


Zenday was beyond my expectations. I had an idea of what to expect but I learned to let go of my expectations. I was able to completely let go and allow myself to fully become one with my body mind & spirit. It was an amazing experience. I experienced sensations that I haven’t felt since before my kidney transplant. Sarah’s intuitions were speaking directly to my body in a manner where my body was able to listen without my mind’s limitations getting in the way. By getting my mind out of the way, I was able to allow my body to unload so it could reload purposefully. I am very intentional with my methods to reduce stress with my rest, breathing and patterns, and praying…but this is the first time in as far as I can remember that in fully & truly unloaded the mind body and allowed my spirit manifest. Truly an eye-opening experience. I thank GOD for speaking to me thru Sarah’s gifts he has blessed her with. I strongly recommend you seek out Sarah & her talents because you will be blessed beyond measure. Not just physically but spiritually. Mind Body & Spirit. Many thanks!

Devin Johnson