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    Your Unique Relaxation
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    An Intentionally
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    Creating Self Love
    & Empowerment

Vibrational Healing guide

Welcome to your unique energetic healing experience. My name is Sarah Krippner and I am your Vibrational Healing Guide. To make real, effective and long-lasting changes in your life & health, we must look at the most common yet subtle form of communication for your body to heal. Vibration. We are at our core... Vibration! Energy. Frequency. It is how we hear, how we smell, and see. So, if you are looking for well-being, be it better sleep, improved digestion, less stress or spiritual balance, you must consider the physical and the energetic body. Mind, body and spirit. Speak the language your body speaks most freely. Frequency. Change your frequency, Change your life.

Your guide,Sarah


The two most powerful words in creating your best life ever.

I AM an intuitive guide. I AM a healer. I AM a speaker. I AM a writer. I AM a light bringer. I AM a retreat creator. I AM abundant in all things. I AM your Vibrational Healing Guide.

I help my clients create emotional, spiritual and physical well-being so they feel in control of their life and empowered to not only survive but THRIVE each and every day

Coach Sarah

Where are you feeling stuck?

Family Personal or Business Relationships

Family Personal or Business Relationships

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

Where can we Raise Your Vibration?

Where can we Raise Your Vibration?

How can I help?

Your healing sessions with Sarah are about empowerment. We will work together to pull back the covers of the real reasons why you are stuck.

We usually cannot see or feel our own emotional blocks to change on our own. With the help of a compassionate and loving guide, you will be able to understand the true resistance to change. Only then will you be able to confront it head on. The decision to change is yours. The pathway to change, I can help guide you. I found my inner power, my intuition, now let's find yours!

Sarah offers many techniques to relieve stress, open blocked energy channels and ready the body for healing.

Whether you prefer a 1:1 session, group sessions, in person, or virtual, I have you covered. Click the link to the left to schedule a time to chat.

Vibrational Healing

is a process whereby vibrations are introduced or transferred into a human being’s physical and energetic bodies, so that the frequencies which have become unbalanced in the body are adjusted,  raised or opened.

Vibrational Healing

Sound Healing Massage

is an intutive massage session with the added vibrational healing of sound and energy vibrations with crystal bowls, drums, and more. The healing vibrations help your mind to relax and let go allowing your body to receive the healing touch at a deeper level. 

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Reiki Energy Healing

Custom Meditations

are created specifically for you based on the support you are needed at this time. My meditations are guided and use crystal bowl frequencies to invite mental and physical alignment. 

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Meditation Classes


is a sound & energy journey using the vibrations of crystal bowls, drums, Reiki, cyrstals and essential oils. Its a unique relaxation experience designed to help you release what no longer serves and welcome in fresh new high vibe energy.

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Intuitive Massage

Intuitive massage calls on all five senses of the practitioner to locate dis-ease within the body. The flow, pressure, and areas of focus are guided more by intuition. I focus on bringing in ease and relief more than "getting rid of" pain.

Therapeutic Massage

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My Offerings

Through vibration elevation techniques, I help you create the forward momentum you need to improve your well-being in Mind, Body and Spirit to positively effective all areas of your life.

  • Energetic Healing Support
  • Sound Healing Bodywork
  • Custom Meditations
  • ZENDAY Sound Energy Journey
  • Retreats and Speaking

What is Zenday?

Your Unique Relaxation Experience.

ZENDAY is a unique Sound Journey designed to empower you to relax and let go. The journey is set in a sea of crystals, drums, high frequency music and crystal singing bowls all brought together for an Intentional and Unique Healing Experience.

While you focus on breathing you will be bathed with the beautiful sounds of the crystal bowls, divine energy healing, soulful drums and other tools to guide you on your unique experience. We have created the perfect environment to coccon you in your own journey while you allow the universe to guide your healing. We are not the healers - you are. We simply create the space for the healing to happen.

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Devin Johnson

Jeff and Sue joined the Ignite and Expand Couples Retreat in February, here is what they have to say here.

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Jeff & Sue

Devin Johnson

Holly and Josh joined the Ignite & Expand Couples retreat in February and loved the massage practice, sound bath, and meeting new people as well as the beautiful location. Take a listen.

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Joshua & Holly Covett

Devin Johnson

Zenday was beyond my expectations. I thought I had an idea of what to expect but I learned to let go of my expectations. I was able to completely let go and allow myself to fully become one with my body mind & spirit.

It was an amazing experience. I experienced sensations that I haven’t felt since before my kidney transplant. Sarah’s intuitions were speaking directly to my body in a manner where my body was able to listen without my mind’s limitations getting in the way. By getting my mind out of the way, I was able to allow my body to unload so it could reload purposefully. I am very intentional with my methods to reduce stress with my rest, breathing and patterns, and praying... but this is the first time in as far as I can remember that in fully & truly unloaded the mind body and allowed my spirit manifest. Truly an eye-opening experience.

I thank GOD for speaking to me thru Sarah’s gifts he has blessed her with. I strongly recommend you seek out Sarah & her talents because you will be blessed beyond measure. Not just physically but spiritually. Mind Body & Spirit. Many thanks!

Devin Johnson

~ Neuromuscular Re-education Specialist
Susan M

I recently had the privilege to experience a Vibrational Healing Session with Sarah Krippner, and I cannot recommend it enough! If you’ve ever had days when you feel like you’re not your peak self, you should definitely try this. Sarah is such a beautiful soul, and her zen den is calming and serene. After just one 1 hour session, I could feel an energy shift...a lightness with increased positivity and joy. It was so lovely to do something for me and feel like I was shifting out of stress and refilling my own well. Such a wonderful experience!

~ Susan M
Bambi W

Zenday Monday is a a perfect way to turn Monday’s into your favorite day of the week! I hadn’t experienced many of the therapies used in Zenday, so I was cautiously optimistic when I went my first time. My encounter with Sarah exceeded anything I could’ve hoped for.

As soon as I arrived at the front door, I knew I was in for something that would be restorative to my soul. Full disclosure, I am a Christian and follower of Jesus— nothing about this evening ever came into conflict with my beliefs.... in fact, I am certain that this is God inspired.

I had been feeling a restlessness in my being that I had been trying to “shake” or at least control. My experience with Sarah, not only rid me of that uncomfortable sensation, it forced me to look inward to examine the source.

During the process I felt so safe, and in good hands, that I was able to completely give over to the process. Surrendering to anything is often looked down upon in this world— surrendering in this instance was the key to it all.

Sarah not only makes you comfortable, she makes you want to stay— and to return! I left rejuvenated, with a new sense of peace.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift.

~ Bambi W