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1 on 1 Sessions: When you make the decision to work with me here are the 3 main areas we will focus on to release pain, tension and self-sabotaging behaviors to increase joy and empower you to create a life you love living!

Package of 4 90 Minute Deep Dive Break-through Session. $229

Come prepared to open up for this session. We will look at the vibrational roots of patterning, triggered responses, and emotional blocks that are keeping you from achieving your well-being and wellness goals. You will receive an email follow up with a step by step plan for pushing through these blocks on your own. Great if you are new to emotional and vibrational coaching or if you need a tweak to an existing program.

Package of 4 4 Session Monthly Intensive $599

Includes 1 Deep Dive Breakthrough session and 3 additional 1 hour sessions to be completed within a 30 day period. Let's create high vibe momentum by making immediate perspective shifts and re-frame your daily habits.

Package of 4 8 Session Soul Journey $1119

Includes 1 Deep Dive Breakthrough session and 7 additional 1 hour sessions over a 3 or 4 month period. This program is designed to support long-lasting change and perspective shifts to open you up and allow in the abundant well-being you deserve. We will create empowering daily rituals with self-love practices and personalized mantras and meditations to guide your continued healing and spiritual growth.

On-going Monthly coaching or individual sessions are available after completion of your first program.