1 on 1 Sessions: When you make the decision to work with me we start with a deep dive to identify the triggers and speed bumps keeping you stuck. This helps us outline a plan together on where we should focus first.

Our Sessions

Each session is uniquely guided based on your needs at that time. I use varying techniques to create calm and balanced energy before we move into the heavier emotional work. We close each session with a practice of peace leaving you refreshed and ready to make change!

Vibrational Healing

The healing techniques I use range from energy work, sound healing and somatic or Breathwork to mindset shifting practices. Your thoughts are a huge part of your energetic state. You will also leave each session with some homework for practice between sessions. I am the merely the guide, you are your own healer.

Coaching Packages

Singles or Couples sessions via Zoom or in person

1 Month Intensive
$ 999.00 1499.00
  • A perfect time for new beginnings!
  • take a deep dive into unhealthy mindset patterns.
  • Release fear of change and embrace the process of evolution 
  • Anchor in new mindset, set a pathway to next level and create momentum with immediate shifts.
Soul Journey
$ 2,222.00 3333.00
  • Includes 8 sessions over 3-4 months
  • Establish main causes of discomfort and release resentment.
  • Learn self love practices for physical and mental balance and abundant energy.
  • Experience and keep multiple healing journeys through breathwork and sound for continued discovery.

What my happy clients have to say


It has been two months since the wonderful weekend in which we rekindled our love with Couples Conscious Connection. We feel that it has made a difference in our daily lives. Sarah had us do a simple thing of holding hands at mealtime and look at each other. We do this at every meal we have together even when we go out for dinner. My husband has started leaving me notes around the house. There was one week I was having an especially rough week and he went and got a card. He then wrote a very loving inspirational note in the card. He even wrote a draft first because he wanted to make it special. Another time I called him into the guest room to help me with something and surprised him with a massage. We look at things differently after spending that weekend simply enjoying the precious moments together. A slight touch of the hand or a hug for no reason seems so much more special. We even sometimes have conversations on what would the “Love Sherpa” say or think or we say the “Love Sherpa” would be proud of us. LOL. We thank you Sarah for sharing your extraordinary spirit with us so that we could see the things that we didn’t even know were missing. It is like first love again after 40 years together.

Ken and Denise