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I have always been a healer.

I was a peace maker between siblings, a storyteller at parties, a connector, massage therapist, or even when I was just a child, placing a gentle hand on my great Aunt’s knee to keep her from sitting all alone. I wanted to help. I wanted everyone to be seen, feel heard, and loved. I still do today.

Little did I know that I was longing to feel this for myself too. My tank was empty and the only way I knew instinctively to feel better was to give. Give to others what I wanted so badly.

As I grew into my 20’s, I could no longer soothe the ache in my heart by healing the pain of others. My need to be seen, heard, and loved was turning into a pit of despair that no amount of helping others could fill. This is when I started to drink. I drank to try to cover up or pretend that I didn’t feel invisible and unimportant. I drank to become the life of the party again. I drank to celebrate, and I drank when I felt like there was no hope.

Sarah Krippner

By the time my drinking was daily and uncontrollable, I had lost just about everything. I gave up my massage career to move across country. The repercussions of bad financial decisions were piling up to point I thought it best to just look away. Ignore them and somehow they will disappear. I had lost the support of many friends and my marriage, although a bad one, was ending. I was miserable and felt all alone.

I had hit rock bottom and it was time to change. So, I got sober. The first few years of sobriety were just taping the pieces of my life back together. Getting by. Feeling better than I had ever been before but still just feeling average most of the time. This is when I met my teacher. My first mentor, Ray.

I was introduced to books on spirituality, Buddhism, energy healing and how I could learn to create my own joy. I read book after book and starting putting the things I was learning into practice in my life. And guess what, my life started to change for the better.

Fast forward to today and I can look back on those tough, scary years of drinking and getting sober with a smile on my face. The pain of that time no longer haunts me. The journey was worth it. Every tough day I walked through made me stronger. The journey I walked is a story I can use to inspire another. I know today that by taking care of myself, I can be there all the more for others. The time I take to care for my spirit magnifies my ability to serve others.

Caring for my clients, teaching, and giving comes freely from my heart and feels like it is on endless supply. When I am aligned, I am filled with creation and inspiration for new ways to fulfill my purpose. Not just ideas, the confidence and pure knowing that it can be done. Words don't teach. Life experience teaches. I had to live every one of my bad decisions to appreciate every beautiful day on the other side of them.

And I want to help you do the same.

What my happy clients have to say


Zenday Monday is a a perfect way to turn Monday’s into your favorite day of the week! I hadn’t experienced many of the therapies used in Zenday, so I was cautiously optimistic when I went my first time.

Bambi W

I recently had the privilege to experience a Vibrational Healing Session with Sarah Krippner, and I cannot recommend it enough! If you’ve ever had days when you feel like you’re not your peak self, you should definitely try this.

Susan M

Zenday was beyond my expectations. I thought I had an idea of what to expect but I learned to let go of my expectations. I was able to completely let go and allow myself to fully become one with my body mind & spirit.

Devin Johnson

Holly and Josh joined the Ignite & Expand Couples retreat in February and loved the massage practice, sound bath, and meeting new people as well as the beautiful location. Take a listen.

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Joshua & Holly Covett

Jeff and Sue joined the Ignite and Expand Couples Retreat in February, here is what they have to say here.

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Jeff & Sue

After the Intentionally Zen Workshop, good things just started to happen, and I was able to move forward with greater clarity and momentum. Almost immediately, I discovered a way to transform a passion project into a viable business, and I was invited to participate for free in a 3-day intensive public speaking training. The Intentionally Zen workshop has already paid for itself many times over and gave me the energy and focus to accelerate to my goals.

Kristen Y

Couples Conscious Connection, this was a weekend that Lonnie and I will not easily forget. So much love poured out from the land and the Thanksgiving House. The food was so comforting and nurturing. Everything and everyone looked familiar like soul family and Sarah is a genuine gifted heart that took us into a magical journey of The Love Union of US.
Thank You All

Lissette P

This is an amazing adventure. If you are looking to ignite your love for each other. We had a wonderful weekend of communication with and without words and how a simple glance can say a lot. Sarah is an outstanding coach and cook. She made us delicious meals and that also took that pressure off and gave us time to relax. We have been married for 37 years and together 40. What Sarah helped us find this weekend was each other. Too much of life was getting in the way. We were able to stop and remember what we truly love and need from each other. We came home feeling like young love again and we are going to use the tools and skills Sarah taught us to keep that love alive. Thank you Sarah for giving us back this precious gift of love.

Denise M

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