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    About Me

I Have Always Been A Healer.
I Am A Healer Today.

I spent my twenties as a successful, self-employed massage therapist. I really enjoyed what I did and loved the freedom of working for myself. I was responsible and for the most part, happy. However, all of this was on the surface. If you dug a little deeper you would see the self- hatred and self-destruction manifesting. I was an alcoholic and wasn't ready to admit it to anyone, especially myself. My parents were both alcoholics and I could not be like them. So I lived in denial. I did my best to find acceptance where my drinking wouldn't stand out. I partied with a group of people I enjoyed but could keep at arms length, never really letting anyone in. I found superficial self-worth in my party persona...Six Foot Sarah. My friends gave me that name because I was the taller of two Sarah's. Ta da. I found strength in my cover girl story. Not real strength though. It was just a COVER story. It helped me survive until the day I was ready.

As I grew into my Late 20’s

We all have a strong survival instinct but often don't listen to it deeply and intently. We listen to what others are doing and try to make that work but it rarely does. We have forgotten how to listen to our inner being to see what we need. Not really or survival instinct but our THRIVING instinct.

We have forgotten how to feel loved and connected from within. We struggle to survive and by default we attract disease, stress, pain, sorrow and discontent. We are not meant to live this way. We are all meant to feel joy, love, and bliss. I had many help me see my way through the darkness into the light but at the end of the day I had to take every step. Healing is 100% an inside job. If you are ready to take those steps I am here to guide you. But I can't make you do anything. I am not a healer of people. I am a facilitator to help you find your own healing. I would be honored to help guide you.

Les Georgettes

I had hit my rock bottom

I had hit my rock bottom and it was time to change

So, I got sober. The first 3 years of sobriety were just taping the pieces of my life back together. Getting by. Feeling better than I had ever before but still just feeling average most of the time. This is when I met my "teacher". I was introduced to books on spirituality, Buddhism, energy healing and how I could learn to create my own joy. I read book after book and starting putting the things I was learning into practice in my life. And guess what, my life started to change for the better.

Fast forward about 5 more years and I can look back on those tough, scary years of drinking and getting sober with a smile on my face. The journey was worth it. Every tough day I walked through made me stronger. The journey I walked is a story I can use to inspire another. I know today that by taking care of myself, I can be there all the more for another. The time I take to care for my spirit magnifies my ability to serve others. Caring for my clients, teaching, and giving comes freely from my heart and feels like it is on endless supply.

When I am aligned, I am filled with creation and inspiration for new ways to fulfill my purpose. Not just ideas, the confidence and pure knowing that it can be done. Words don't teach. Life experience teaches. I had to live every one of my bad decisions to appreciate the every beautiful day on the other side of them. I do. And I want to help you do the same