People practice meditation for a variety of reasons. Some meditate as a part of culture or religious traditions that may have been followed in the families or community for many years. Some meditate to increase focus, improve health etc. It has been known to be beneficial in maintaining good health and also reducing the risk of many health ailments.

Health benefits of meditation

include relief from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome and acute respiratory infection. It increases IQ, pain tolerance and helps in weight loss. It is also beneficial in maintaining healthy relationships and improving over-all quality of life.

I personally found meditation while getting sober.

I struggled for years finding a good, consistent way to meditate. And I finally found it...there is no one way. You can change how you meditate depending on where you are in life. You can mediate in silence, sitting or lying down, with music, through art or music and other rituals or activities that encourage you to focus on a high vibration activity. Sleeping is actually a fantastic way to mediate too.

I often enter a meditative state when

I am giving massage, Reiki or in a class. Believe me when I say my client will benefit greatly from this increased energetic state. This is no way hampers or lessens my skill or attention to the "work" at hand, it brings it to life.

Most of my clients enter meditative states too during massage, the Vibrational Healing sessions, Zenday Journey and coaching sessions. I also offer classes on meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques for the beginner. These are great for employee appreciation days, lunch and learns or students and teacher events.

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