• Praise


Bambi W

Zenday Monday is a a perfect way to turn Monday’s into your favorite day of the week! I hadn’t experienced many of the therapies used in Zenday, so I was cautiously optimistic when I went my first time. My encounter with Sarah exceeded anything I could’ve hoped for.

As soon as I arrived at the front door, I knew I was in for something that would be restorative to my soul. Full disclosure, I am a Christian and follower of Jesus— nothing about this evening ever came into conflict with my beliefs.... in fact, I am certain that this is God inspired.

I had been feeling a restlessness in my being that I had been trying to “shake” or at least control. My experience with Sarah, not only rid me of that uncomfortable sensation, it forced me to look inward to examine the source.

During the process I felt so safe, and in good hands, that I was able to completely give over to the process. Surrendering to anything is often looked down upon in this world— surrendering in this instance was the key to it all.

Sarah not only makes you comfortable, she makes you want to stay— and to return! I left rejuvenated, with a new sense of peace.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift.

~ Bambi W
Susan M

I recently had the privilege to experience a Vibrational Healing Session with Sarah Krippner, and I cannot recommend it enough! If you’ve ever had days when you feel like you’re not your peak self, you should definitely try this. Sarah is such a beautiful soul, and her zen den is calming and serene. After just one 1 hour session, I could feel an energy shift...a lightness with increased positivity and joy. It was so lovely to do something for me and feel like I was shifting out of stress and refilling my own well. Such a wonderful experience!

~ Susan M